Directors & Company details




Little Oak Pre-school was started by parents over 30 years ago and was run by a committee consisting of parents and interested parties. In 2003 we became a limited company, Little Oak Pre-school (Witney) Ltd (known as Little Oak). The pre-school has three directors and a manager.

The manager takes full responsibility for the day-to-day running of the pre-school. We adopted the constitution of the Pre-school Learning Alliance .


The directors of the pre-school are:

Sue Potter

Chris Putt

Neil Curtis


Little Oak Pre-school is the trading name of Little Oak Pre-school (Witney) Ltd

Registered Office: Little Oak Pre-school (Witney) Ltd,

Queen Emma's Primary School

Burwell Farm Estate

Witney, Oxon OX28 5LP


Registered in England & Wales


Company No: 732656


The pre-school has Charity status:

Charity No: 1137934


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