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 Inclement weather

               Hot weather....


During hot weather the children will still have access to the outside when possible. A risk assessment will be done and a decision made to the suitability of playing outside. As the pre-school has a canopy  for outside use it would be exeptionally hot weather that would stop them from playing underneath.

The pre-school will however still expect you to put sun cream onto your own child before attending a session. For those children attending all day the staff will reapply at lunchtime. See information sent home or put on to the website.



Summer is a wonderful time in Pre-school with the children and staff thoroughly enjoying outside play. The down side for staff however is having to watch and make sure the children do not stay in the sun for too long and burn, or suffer heat exhaustion. Parents can do their bit to help though by making sure even on low cloud days the children are covered in a strong factor suncream applied at home.

We recommend a total sun block or at least factor 50. A well known brand and one of the best needs applying only once a day to cover the time they are in pre-school.

As well as applying suncream can an we ask that children are dressed appropriately for the hot weather. The play and activities children take part in suggests that children need a firm sandal on their feet and not any kind of 'flip-flop'. Children cannot run, skip, jump or take part in many activities wearing unsuitable footwear.

               Cold weather....


Although it may be cold outside the children at pre-school will still have access to the outside provision. Therefore it is very important they come dressed for the weather. We suggest appropriate footwear, hat, gloves and scarf aswell as warm clothing underneath.

In the event of mild snowfall or frosty weather where the playground may get slippery a risk assessment will be taken and a decision made as to whether it is safe.





In the event of bad snow we will endeavour to let you know by our teacher2parent text message service, this website and local radio stations. The general rule is if Queen Emma's School is closed we will be as well and they will notify parents via the local radio stations.

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