Learning through play



Morning/afternoon sessions

Under three - £18.00

Over three - £16.50


Lunch club

All children - £3.50

(parents to supply a healthy packed lunch)

All day

Under 3 = £39.50

Over 3 = £36.50

NEF Government fundings

2 year old funding - 15 hours per week, 38 weeks of the year (government qualifying is needed before you can claim this funding)


Funding for 3 year olds - 15 hours per week, 38 weeks of the year

Anything over 15 hours will be invoiced at the beginning of every term. Please note some terms are longer than others therefore cost will vary from term to term.

30 Hours funding - 38 weeks of the year

(government qualifying is needed before you can claim this funding)

Session times


Morning session

8.30am - 11.30am


Lunch club

11.30am - 12.00pm


Afternoon session

12.00pm - 3pm


A combination of session and lunch times can be booked

Typical Day

All times are approximate

Morning Session

8.30       Self registration and free play inside

8.45       Outside door is opened

              Free play inside and outside

9.15       Café opens

10.50     Tidy up time

11.00      Story time

11.15      Singing time

11.30      Morning session ends

              Morning children go home and lunch club                      children arrive


Lunch Club

11.30     Lunch Club

12.00     Lunch Club finishes

Afternoon Session

12.00     Self registration and free play as Lunch club                finishes and afternoon children arrive

12.15      Free play outside and inside

1.00       Café opens

2.30       Tidy up time

2.35       Story time

2.45       Singing time

3.00       Afternoon finishes


Uniform is optional. Children do

not have to wear uniform but we  believe it gives the child a sense of belonging.

Also pre-school activities can get very messy. Children and parents are more likely to feel happier about these

fun times if the clothes the  child are wearing are only worn to pre-school. We say that 'when the clothes are to old to wear out they are ideal to wear to pre-school'.

We use 'My Clothing Limited', clicking on the link will take you straight through to their website.

If you choose not to send your child in uniform, can we please warn you in advance, that we like the children to participate in a full curriculum and sometimes that means they may get very, very messy but have the most wonderful experiences. 

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