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We are not only a West Oxfordshire Hero we are Witney Hero as well!
We are so pleased to have received this award this week in recognition for all our hard work this last year!
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Received from TalkingSpaces Plus

Dear Colleagues

We are aware that it has been challenging for parents and staff over the last year because of the COVID pandemic that have resulted in so many changes to everyone’s daily lives. We are writing to all nurseries and pre schools in Oxfordshire to let you know about TalkingSpace Plus, the free NHS service offering talking therapies to anyone 18 and over who is finding it hard coping with low mood, stress and worry.


We would be most grateful if you would add the paragraphs attached to one of your emails to parents and staff. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact TalkingSpace Plus. The details are in our Newsletter section.


With many thanks


Children's Shoes


Dear parent/carer,

Please find attached a fitting newsletter from Clarks.

Good fitting, sturdy shoes are really important for early years children still "finding their feet".  They protect little toes allowing feet to grow correctly, helping with balance and posture.

Poor fitting shoes can cause blisters and sores making it uncomfortable to walk and run.

Please do not hesitate to talk to any of our staff, email or telephone the office in confidence if you have any concerns about your child's feet or shoes.


Thank you.